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Keep subtitle as separate file (no mux sub)?

Is there a way to download sub but keeps it as a separate file?

The merge option is cool, but it takes a log time (as expected). 



Settings > Download Settings > Advanced button >  Extractor Subtitles

Switch Generate an SRT file to on.

Thanks for your reply.

I did and it does save the SRT file but it also create an mp4 with SRT merged. That process takes long because it seems to re encode the mp4. You get original.mp4, SRT, and muxed.mp4 (same name with SRT embedded).

It used to just download the orginal.mp4 + SRT, not sure which version force a merged mp4.

Any chance that there will be an option to disable muxing subtitle into the video file? It really takes too long when downloading multiple files.


Can certainly add that to the list of new features to look at implementing for you.

Fantastic.  Thank you for considering it! 

Please reconsider this. It's a simple request to just generate the SRT file and not try to embed it in the video file (too slow). I currently have to do this file by file, kill the application when it starts the subtitle process, copy the file, and start over to the next video.

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