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Unable To Run Filter Graphics

I am writing to see see if there is any solution to the problem I am having when I try to record a video and get the message "Unable to run filter graphics"?  Please let me know so I can start to record videos again.  Thank you. 

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Still waiting on you to provide a nfo file.  Please see your original post.  Something has corrupted your machines media settings.  I need to see what is on there to give advise.


Here it is.


Those are JMR's debug logs.  I need the nfo file from your machine.  Please follow the How to get an msinfo32 system information export  section in https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

Here it is.


I am having the same problem I tried multiple sites

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