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Monthly donation and ARM Macs


I bought the premium full version of Jaksta Media Recorder back then and I really use the app regularly.

I also know that the further development costs money monthly and not just once, money.

I also believe that when many customers pay a small amount of money, many are happy than when few customers pay a large amount of money monthly and many are unhappy. 

In any case, I am willing to make a voluntary monthly donation for further development or for a beer. 

I already do this with several developers. Sometimes forced, sometimes voluntarily.

In return I wish that Jaksta Mediarecorder will also run on my new ARM Mac Mini with M1 processor. As soon as possible. I have not yet bought it.

Can you give me a PayPal address for donations?

You are the best!

Best regards, 


Hi Christian,

We already have our work cut out for us to keep up with Mac OS updates and changes to streaming protocols, so I'm sorry to say that we won't be able to separately develop Jaksta to work on the Mac Mini.

I'm sorry I'm not able to give you the answer you were hoping for.



Jaksta Support

Hello, Liam, 

Thanks for your answer.

In the medium term, ALL Macs will be switched to ARM processors. So at some point there will be no market if you don't convert to ARM. I estimate that in five to ten years there will be no more Intel processors in Macs.

Also, Apple's market share has been growing lately.

How would it be for you to grab a big piece of the Apple cake for yourself?

You can still send me a PayPal donation address.

Best regards, 

Christian Nouza 

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