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Hey guys,

I reaaaaaaaly reaaaaaaly love your media recorder and use it all day long to record some of my favorite internet streams.


I think it is the best tool available to do so and on the one hand, its functionality is really great (especially for monitoring), on the other hand, its usability also is really easy.


Nevertheless, there are some things (which i think are not too hard to implement) and that would make the tool even better. Maybe it's possible to implement the following things in the next version? I would love you :)))


- Would it be possible to apply the naming rules also on the Monitor recordings (in the "normal" recordings, date/time of record can be attached on the filename, the monitor recordings always start with te url - and date/time cannot be attached)

- Would it be possible only to mux / tag one video at a time? If i'm recording several videos (i.e. via monitor), some videos end at about the same time and there are more than one ffmpeg-processes, it slows down that much that it sometimes take hours to mux / tag the videos. This should work fine if Media Recorder just sends one file to ffmpeg and queue the others BEFORE muxing / tagging.

- One thing that has to do with that: The concurrent internet downloads is affecting both, recording and muxing/tagging streams which - sometimes, if there are lots of concurrent muxings - leads not to download anything although there are running streams that should be recorded. I.e. if maximum internet records is set to 10 and if 10 streams are muxing, there is no more downloading. This problem would be solved if there is only one stream muxing at the same time :)


And last but not least

- If a certain stream is monitored, it does not start again after muxing of the same stream recorded before is ready. It would be great if it would start recording again as soon as there is a new stream - independend on muxing the streams before.


I'm sorry for my bad english - hopefully, you can understand what i mean :) If not, please do not hesitate to ask ;)


Thanks again for this great tool and keep up your great work!

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On the naming - Monitors have override tags.  See the Override Tags tab.  Date and time can be added here.  

Is this not working for you?  If not then please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

Thanks for your other suggestions.  Will look into them for you.

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