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Apple M1 Update

you have beta version of M1 version for jaksta ?

-and the schedule stream download option thats on windows jaksta come to mac too ?

-and option to download more than only ten stream at same time like the windows version come to mac ?


Hi there,

We don't currently have a M1-compatible working beta of Jaksta, but we are looking into it.

We don't have any plans at the moment to implement a scheduled stream feature.

We have the feature to increase the max number of streams on our development list, so this will likely be included in a future update.



Jaksta Support

Hi Liam,

Do you have a working beta for M1 Macs now?

In what month do you think you will have a first beta?


Hi Christian,

We do not have the M1 beta ready yet, but it should be this month.

Where we are has just gone into lockdown so that has slowed things down a little bit.

In any case, what we have found so far is that the existing version of Jaksta does work on M1 machines. At the very least it is not incompatible.



Jaksta Support

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