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Chaturbate is NOT recording

1.  The monitor function doesn't work even though a stream is running - it's supposed to record it automatically. It worked just a few hours ago.  Now nada.

2.  Stream downloader does NOT work.  It trys to extract but can't then it says 'URL not supported. Please try the AUTO or video capture methods."

I tried those methods and this is what happened:

Trying the DVR (video capture method) it records it for 6 or 7 mins than stops which is useless unless I want to watch a stream like a hawk.

Trying the AUTO method it will do a bunch of chunklists and one will start downloading the stream (I have to delete the rest of them).  And by a bunch I mean around 15 or more which is annoying.

3.  About a year ago at this time chaturbate changed their system.  Did something similar happen now and we have to wait for an update?  This program to be worthwhile needs the Stream downloader function to work as well as the monitor function

Thanks for your help.

Joe Wenzel

At 10:03 PM Pacific Time the monitor function started working again as did the stream downloader.

Not sure if it fixed itself or what but seems to be working again.

Perhaps they were testing something new for a while.

If the AUTO capture method is saying "URL not supported. Please try the AUTO or video capture methods", then you have redirected the AUTO capture method to the extractor in your advanced settings, as it is the extraction engine that prints that message.


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