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I can't read what's downloading at all

 Attached is a picture:  It's just a red X over the entire screen (see attachment).

The monitors appear to work and it appears if I enter a web page into the program it will download but there is NO WAY I CAN SEE IF IT TOOK OR ITS PROGRESS.

AND there would be no way for me to remove or delete completed recordings since I can't see them just that red X.

It also said something about a GDI+ briefly than it went off the screen.

PLEASE help me fix this.  Out of the blue it just did this.  I re-downloaded the program to see if that would fix it but no luck.

Joe Wenzel

(18 KB)

I clicked on those blue tiles on the same line as the Mpeg Same Quality and each item I clicked on said:  "A Generic error occurred in GDI+".  If this helps any.

Joe Wenzel

Does my request for help deemed not worthy to even bother answering?

Something is very wrong with your machine.  Ensure all windows updates are installed successfully, especially those related to .NET.

Somehow it fixed itself - maybe because of a new windows update.  Thank you for answering.

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