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Recording CB stream chat?

JMR is a super helpful tool to provide feedback to models to improve their business potential. The only thing that we cannot discuss is their chat interactions.

The first time (and only the first time) that I ran JMR on a stream, a separate file was created "Chat with ModelName in a Live Adult Video Chat Room Now.wmv"  The file is the same duration as the associated MPG video / audio file.  It only shows "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player" and nothing else.

  1. How can we enable this to be recorded for all sessions?  It only happened the first time and never since.
  2. How can we enable Adobe Flash Player, so that the chat window is recorded?

JMR is a really nice tool.  I have several UI/UX suggestions.  Is this something valuable for you and worth documenting for your consideration?  Thanks!

Sounds like you were using the DVR feature to record.  Not a direct download.

You can only record one DVR stream at a time.

To enable flash:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/enable-flash-6000059114

And yes UI/UX suggestions are always welcome.

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I am using the monitor only, and multiple streams are recorded w/o any issues - except that I am not seeing their chats.


I have Flash enabled on the default browser for CB (using the CB URL), but JMR produced that video. That suggests to me either of two possible issues:

  • That the Flash setting is being read from elsewhere. Maybe you always check the IE setting?
  • That the URL that needs to be enabled (I don't have Flash enabled globally) is something other than CB.  Maybe it has to be highwebmedia.com?  If so, I can see that being a problem (since many URLs are used by highwebmedia.com servers), suggesting that Flash needs to be enabled globally.

Lastly, it's unclear to me which setting is responsible for enabling / disabling the chat recording.  


You will need to use the DVR capture method if you want to capture chat.  The DVR capture method will capture what is happening inside the player.  As long as the chat box is part of the player it should be captured. It is real time and you can only capture one at a time.  It is really intended to capture premium sites like netflix though, where direct steam recording is not permitted.  Not for what you want to do.

Stream recording (direct download) is for video and music/audio.  It is not intended to capture chat.

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