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Media Recorder and WebRTC stream capture

 Hi! I've been attempting to record WebRTC streams, and they do record successfully, but the Muxing process is painfully slow, and not always successful. If two streams are being processed at once, one frequently "gets stuck" in the process. I noticed that the recording quality is different that the H264 that I was used to seeing with flash streams (RIP) - its MP4 (AVC / AVC / AVC / AVC / AVC / AVC / AVC, 1280x720 / AAC, VBR).

Do you have any suggestions to improve the situation?



What website site are you recording from?

Please provide debug logs.

Hi, the website was myfreecams. com. I've attached a debug log from today, while the file Edina is still muxing.

Best wishes,



your logs dont show any muxing occurring.  Please ensure debug is on before you attempt to capture the stream

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