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MFC broken

Happy new year,

mfc is broken to download. Try 5 sec AUTO and then cancel the file.. my cpu cant handle it until i clos ffmpeg in task manager


Works fine here

Please provide debug logs if you are still having issues.

its a very short log i guess, was sure its a problem not on my end since i didnt change anything in settings or so and a few days before everything worked like it should.

so the problem: i AUTO detect mfc stream or monitor one - doesnt matter - when it finishes or i cancel (doesnt matter which) my CPU will force 100% usage and wont stop (even if the clip is only 10 seconds)

so i go taskmanager and cancel the ffmpeg according to the clip trying to finish

after this step i clicked on send debug log

(other question: when i shall provide debug loggs: is it necessary to restart JMR or is it enough to just go to support area, active debug and then perform the troubling action?) i did the 2nd for this log hope it shows


Your logs dont show the mux, but they do show you have captured 284 GB.  I'm not surprised ffmpeg is taking a while to mux.   

Debug log process is here: https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

I did another run with debug on start and restarted JMR with no other background process expect the recorded tabs.

so 3 logs (they are from the same session just different steps) mfc couldnt mux i waited 2 minutes (to mux 1 min recording) it didnt finish so i cancelled ffmpeg

the first log is while its trying to mux

2nd and 3rd are when i canceled the mux and let a non-mfc recording mux (that was like 4 min long muxed in a second).

-- maybe it occures only when auto and monitor is activated the same time, but i cannot change this for now because i dont want to discontinue monitors when i need and auto capture.

but this method worked fine for the last months and mfc downloads also went well until maybe 1-2 weeks ago, something has changed.


oh problem uploading because log size was to big i think here the 2nd and 3rd


Dear CRS

Angela__ is broadcasting from OBS. This broadcasting method works great.

Most of the models broadcast with WebRTC. This is where multiplexing issues arise.

Just find a model that uses Web RTC and you will get it.


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