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NFL Game Pass Recording

I bought Jakstra to record the NFL Game Pass for video and exporting the closed capture text. 

I'm on a Mac using the DVR method, or typing in a link and getting an Error (Unsupported URL and Unable to retrieve). 

Please let me know what I can do to make it work. 

Thanks, JohnW

John Wright


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Hi John,

There is a good chance that this particular content provider will have put measures in place to prevent content recording. This is something we would need to test and investigate for ourselves.

If you are comfortable with you can send login credentials privately to support@jaksta.com, which will allow us to login and do some testing. You can always temporarily change the account password if you don't want to give us a password you use often.

DO NOT post the information here on the post, as these forums are public.



Jaksta Support

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