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When I am in Private on Chaturbate keep having to verify I am human

For weeks now, when I am in private chat on chaturbate with model.  The video stream keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and then a captcha pops up to verify I am human.   Please help this is getting very annoying.

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Hi Eben,

I'm going to need more information. If the video stream keeps disconnecting then why do you suspect it is related to Jaksta, rather than it being an internet connection or streaming issue?

Is the problem a reaction to opening Jaksta or turning the monitoring on?

I also saw your other post in a separate forum thread about not having an applian.com certificate.

Can you please try the following:
  1. Run Jaksta Media Recorder and make sure the monitoring is ON
    • Firefox is recommended
  2. An option should appear to save the certificate (see image below)
  3. Click OK and the certificate should appear in Keychain Access



Jaksta Support

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