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Can't download from svtplay since around february 2021..

Suddenly it was impossible to download anything from www.svtplay.se, from one day to another. 

Had to reinstall my Windows Jaksta Media Recorder ( but the problem seems to go deeper than that.

What's wrong? Does someone else have this problem or is it related to my system?

I today tried again with this:


But impossible.. 

Please help!


Stv changed their site.  Sites change all the time.  That is why we have extraction engine updates.  Support for Stv's changes was in the 4/2/2001 extraction engine update.

If you haven't got it make sure Get Support > Check for new version in start is On and restart JMR.

If you are still having issues then please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

AUTO and DVR mode always work.

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Wonderful. THANKS!!


Hmm... trying to download now from www.svtplay.se today but it becomes chaos in the Jaksta 'Multiple Streams Deteced' - window. There is thousands of 'Audio Only' and some 'Video Only' but nothing works to download anyway and I of course want audio and video together.

The Window for checking out new version is on and I have the latest vesion

What's wrong?

(116 KB)

Stvplay.es is best captured by entering the URL directly not in AUTO mode.


If you wish to use AUTO mode then you need to ensure it is on before you open stvplay.se so that video manifest is detected.  In your case its has missed the manifest so JMR is recording the audio video/chunks.  Its also possible the manifest was cached, in which case a hard refresh of the browser page, will make it request the manifest again from the site (Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl and click the refresh button)

Well, Internet download at www.svtplay.se does not work with Jaksta version on my system (Windows 7 Home Premium), it just continues to extracting thousands of »Audio Only« and every download fails.

But, when I reinstalled the older version, Jaksta everything seems to work normal again. So, there's something fishy about Your latest version at least on my work computer that uses Windows 7. 

I'll try at home (Windows 10) to upgade to Your latest version and see if it's the same problems, I let You know.

Best Regards

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