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DVR Window Doesn't Open, Shuts Down Media Recorder

After I have clicked on the DVR camera, and then click on the globe, the program shuts down without the dvr browser window opening.  I have tried everything I can think of.  I am running Windows 10 Build 21318, 64-bit.

Log file.


Log file attached.


I think the other file wasn't right.


Your logs are showing you are using Windows 10 10.0.21318.0 which is a Windows 10 Insider Preview Build from the DEV channel released 5 days ago.  

Your logs show JMR is having trouble creating the virtual desktop environment required for the DVR to work.

Due to the nature of builds from the dev channel I cant support them.  I do see that a new DEV channel build 21322 was released a few hours ago which may fix the issue.

Thanks  I'll  try it. Otherwise, need to use my STABLE desktop.

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