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Re-picking up stream while muxing in progress

Hi there,


Some months ago you said that it might be possible to restart downloading a stream immediately after it has been stopped (eg, YouTube live stream downloads all stop @ 6 hours) without waiting for the completed stream to mux, which can take as much as 10-15 minutes, during which time the ongoing activity on the cam is completely missed.

I've left it rather late to remind you of this, because the UK Osprey season now looms - birds are due to start arriving back from Africa in a couple of weeks.

This is Jaksta's one shortcoming, for my purposes - otherwise, it's a godsend, it allows me to cover a lot of cams while using modest resources, I couldn't "live" without it.

(There is no commercial element whatsoever to what I do - the streamers are wildlife charities, non-profit organisations or individuals, my YouTube a/c is not monetized and never will be.  I scroll thru the completed downloads and extract and join up clips of behaviours and activities of breeding raptors, mainly, but sometimes also activities on "backyard bird feeders".  I post the resulting videos on bird forums.  It's hard work, often involving battlies with the tech troubles that Windows and the internet throw at us

 I see that CRS is back in action and wonder if my question could be addressed?

Its on my long list of things to look at. :)

Thank you so much for responding.

BTW, as a matter of interest (???) last night I installed "4K Downloader" hoping that it would be able to download the 11h55m completed streams archived on YouTube channels - and it broke Jaksta completely (see attached).

Needless to say I uninstalled the rogue program pronto but couldn't fix Jaksta for hours, it took several uninstalls/reinstalls and about 4 System Restores! 

These are the files I'm talking about - as far as I know Jaksta can only download the final 4 hours of the 11h55m ones - (720) CarnyxWild Wales - YouTube

I understand you may not respond to this.


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