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Corrupted Chaturbate Recordings

 I am monitoring a model on Chaturbate.  I am having two issues.

FIRST, Jaksta creates many duplicates, with different size (resolutions?). When played back, some are very small playback windows, and others are much larger playback windows.

SECOND, Some of the recordings are corrupted.

Some will play normally.

Some will play, but the resolution (size of playback window) will change and the playback is not smooth.  It stops, stutters, and starts,

And some will not play at all, and are not recognized as Video files.

In the Monitor Tab, I have set it to "No Configuration Settings."  There are a lot of options, and I am not sure what is best to select.

It is also set to split every 24 minutes.

I also know that if I record the model manually, when she is on air, and NOT use the Monitor, there a multiple streams with different resolutions to choose from.  If I select one, it records only one.

I would like Jaksta to record one stream when monitoring, in the highest quality.

Is there a way to do this.  I have tried selecting Highest Quality in the Conversion Settings option, but still get the same result described above.

Thanks for the advice.

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Ensure AUTO is not on, when you are using the monitor.  Otherwise when the monitor stream is started, other streams may be picked up.

Select the quality/format you want from Settings > Internet Downloads > Preferred Download Quality and Preferred Download Format Prompt.  If these are available from charurbate that is what will be captured. 

Conversion Settings control the optional conversion of a downloaded file after the download has finished.  It uses the distributed ffmpeg to convert the downloaded file into the conversion format/quality selected.  

Any conversion is done separately to the download, so you will have two files.  The downloaded one in the download quality/format selected and the converted file in the conversion settings quality/format selected.  If you are happy with the quality/format of the downloaded file then there is no need to set a conversion setting.


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