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YouTube AUTO Problem

Hello, i cant download YT Videos with AUTO

is it because they are in plalists?

i did this


and deleted YT extractor.

but not changing it still wont normally work. but refreshing SOMETIMES downloads the video anyways... Also if i click on another video on the playlist it tries to download ALL of the playlist, mostly getting errors in JMR overview logs.

the playlist is set on "do not list" but technically its not private/password restricted.

any ideas?

As per the statement at the top of that KB,  I reinstated our extractor on the 18 Nov 2020.  If you have deleted stuff and changed the settings then please reinstall JMR and reset your settings to the defaults.

If a url has a playlist id in it as well as a video id then, JMR by default will attempt to download the playlist.  This can be changed: Settings > Advanced > Extractor > Prefer Playlist Extraction.

Once you have reinstalled and reset your settings, if you are still having issues then please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063 that capture you trying to download the playlist.  

Ok the playlist part is good to know.

all i removed with the "-" button are those:




and at the bottom this


but only after i had problems with the files not AUTO downloading.

thats all i deleted and shouldn't it be enough to add the with the "+" in extractor advanced options?

i customized alot and would like to repeat all options again especially on AD-Block site i entered many urls.

but after re-adding the stated ones it didnt help and now i cant download anything from YT. but the 2 lists in extractor-advanced-options look identical to how they were at the beginning, so reinstall is only solution ?

also is there some way of exporting ALL settings so i could make backups for the future and / or test around with being able to re-enable the backuped settings again or so?

Please provide debug logs and I can see what is happening.

Here are Debug Logs and also 2 screens. 1 shows how extractors looked like when i deleted what i read from the KB and 2 shows how it looked after i re-added the deleted links - i added them while debug log was active so maybe you can see this action captured IDK what you can see with the logs.

also i downloaded 6 videos from YT and they are working like they should. but for each file it downloaded also 1 file with the original title (normally its saving them as date) and also these 6 other files are 0 KB sized.

i downloaded successfully random video and also from my playlist but only 6 - i clicked on maybe 15-20 videos but JMR didnt start any download with most of them IDK if you can see attempts of this "failed" download in most cases


Also info i just tested the AD-Block from 



and it had no effect (before this new to me problem these worked to block the AUTO download from YT)

so to conclude now, when everything looks like 3 days ago in my settings (only thing changed is to not donwload whole playlists) the situation is that most YT vids wont download - seems random - but the adding to AD-Block does not prevent the download anymore so something is messed concerning my JMR to YT relation

The provided log files are showing the supported url list for the extraction engine is only




Therefore youtube.com urls are not being passed to the extraction engine.

Your screenshot is showing the youtube ones are in there and your user.config is showing them has having being saved to the settings.

Try turning AUTO off and on as these settings are only read when AUTO is switched on.  If you make changes to the list whilst AUTO is on, you need to switch it off again for the new settings to be picked up.

If that doesn't work then try restarting JMR.  

If that still doesn't work then please reset your settings to the defaults.

Dont have too much time too download now but seems to work now!

yeah AUTO was on while i did the change because i figured that i can change AD-Blocks while AUTO set on and will accept changing successful.

anyways after whole playlist download is now set off (maybe thats a suggestion for default settings? Because when 200+ HD Videos in Playlist that wont do good i think) and after restarting i think it shoul work as before, if more problems i will write here, see you :)

Back again since there are problems downloading some things like these 2 playlists:



its music so JMR cant download? it always says extracting and then complete (errors). the info says try AUTO or DVR because URL not supported - but i tried the AUTO

or you also cant download the videos from these playlists?

[But first list second video i could download so im confused again]

Extracts here ok.

Ensure you have the latest extraction engine update (1 April).  If you do then please provide debug logs showing the extraction and I can see what is wrong on your machine.

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