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How can I find download history?

Hi, I'd like to get access to the history or log files for all downloaded YouTube videos on on the Windows version so that I can see the original YouTube URLs for each file. Is this possible? Is the download history stored somewhere?

Select the entry and then one of the following to bring up the properties dialog.  The source field contains the media url.

1. menu > properties,

2. Short cut key Alt+Enter

3. Right mouse click context menu > properties

thanks; that works for one. Is it possible to get information on all downloaded files at once, in a log file or report?

You could parse the progress log files in C:\Users\<your profile>\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Library\logs. They are just text files.

thanks for the suggestion. It seems that these logs are erased when the program exits, is that correct?  I see sqlite is used, is there a database of all downloads kept for a longer period of time, or am I hoping for too much here? :)

The progress logs and associated entry from sqlite db are removed if you delete the entry in JMR.

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