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AD-Block Suggestions

I often use AD-Block also for sites like twitter or reddit where i never want to download anything so i add the url to this very long list.

what would be pretty cool if JMR had in advanced options another Tab for "Custom-Blocks" instead just the large AD list, so we can leave the list as it is and see all custom made blocks at one place stuck together.

Also would be nice if we can export the custom-block LIst and save as file so we can switch between Block-List like we can with Monitors?

And the AD-Block list would work the following from now on: user can still add custom things there (like real ad url or stuff) but important feature would be a "set to default again" for the AD-Block list only so in case someone missclicked and deleted and AD-url from this list we are easily able to bring them back


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Thank you for your suggestion.  I have added it to the list of potential enhancements for future releases.

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