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Multi-Convert repeating Problem

Hey i use Converter at the Moment only to bring fmp4 into mp4 and to extract mp3 from mp4

Mostly i convert 20-70 files at once but the same thing happens every time guaranteed:

i have 20 files in it set my conversion setting - clicking CONVERT

now instant it shows 1 file complete and the next one in progress

but the first file is not complete - it was skipped

when i check the final conversions i will find 19 converted but the very first file will be missing

so in short by multi-converting it will always skip the first file (random entry number) and when i convert 20 files i am guaranteed to get 19 in my folder and i manually repeat the skipped file every time. would be good if it can be fixed somehow

it seems like this problem is no longer.

at least the last 4 conversions didnt have it anymore

Final update:

the error occurs when someone decides to mark all entries (shown blue) and then clicks convert - one entry will be skipped

if none are marked (blue) - click convert and it will convert all

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