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CAM4 no longer working


after CAM4 has changed the player ( i thing they have switched to HTML5) it is no longer possible to fetch the Stream.

Also the Monitor is not able to fetch the Stream :(

Do you Think there is a way to fix it?

2 people have this problem

Thx i will try and give a review later :) 

still the same, some streams will be recorded and some not

i changed all monitors to https://

for example:
https://www.cam4.de.com/blueeye_girl doesnt work (broadcast with handy)
https://www.cam4.de.com/sweetalegra works (broadcast with pc/laptop)

maybe there are two or more  different ways for playing the cam video

Looking at the video in the browser how do I tell if it is being broadcast with handy?  Is there an icon or something which indicates this?  Just trying to find an online model to test with.

Also use cam4.com addresses not cam4.de.com.

The left broadcasting via web the right handy broadcasting

It makes no sense if you use cam4.com or cam4.de.com both doesnt work if some broadcast with handy



For me it works also for Cam´s that are Broadcasting with handy


Please use cam4.com, not cam4.de.com.

If it still doesnt work then please provide debug logs as per 


 Log when trying to download and monitor a cam broadcast with handy.

by clicking auto detect it works, but i want to monitor

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