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Installation on Windows 10 not possible

 Hey guys,

I just wanted to reinstall Jaksta Media Recorder on my new Win10 System.

When installing, I get the message that it needs Visual C++ 2010 to work and the setup tries to lead me to microsoft website - which is not available anymore (Error 404). I searched all the internet for Visual C++ 2010 but there is no chance to find it.

When installing without, i get an error "Library Manager: Could not load library...." - and the Application aborts.

Can you please fix this or tell me where to find the Installation file for Visual C++ 2010 / how to get Media Recorder to work?

thanks !

Thanks for reporting.  Looks like MS has changed their site.

Download is here.


Dear CRS,

thanks for your answer. This file seems not to be the Visual C++ 2010 but just a security patch for Visual C++ 2010.

The problem remains - after installing the above (patch), when installing Jaksta, it tells me Visual C++ 2010 wouls not be installed. When continuing installing without Visual C++ 2010, Jaksta aborts with the above mentioned error "Library Manager..."

Should be the full installer by the look of it.  You want the x86 version, even if you are on x64 machine.

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