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Media websites fail to load when Jaksta is in Auto mode


I used to be able to download media files from  TV network "mediathek" sites,but lately it takes forever for these to load when Jaksta is in Auto mode. If I turn off Auto mode, then the sites load speedily, but I cannot download. As of yesterday, they don't even load anymore if Jaksta is in Auto mode. I am on Win 10 and use Chrome, but Firefox or Edge are similar.

How can I get around this? I haven't made any changes in Jaksta; it's Version which it tells me is the latest one.



i actually experienced something similar fot the last few weeks/months

when AUTO is on: opening new url domains (sometimes can) take very long to load, sometimes even with an error like "Error occured, page loading too long" shown in the browser.

i tried opening different sites and what i could see the all will (eventually) load at the same time, like its approved to load them at one specific moment.


Sounds exactly like my problem. I tried various settings in Jaksta, but nothing helped. Lately, when I copy a url into the Jaksta command line, Jaksta is extracting for a few moments, then starts to download only to almost immediately display a "Complete (Errors)" message. Nothing seems to get around that, other than me watching what I wanted to download in my browser. Very frustrating...


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