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DVR not loading

I recently had to reinstall my jaksta media recorder and ever since the DVR window doesn’t connect with anything, it is perpetually on the “browser loading” screen.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and I’ve searched my antivirus software to make sure its not getting caught in the firewall.  Do you have any suggestions on why its not connecting?  I don’t use that particular feature very often but I would like to have it working again.  Thanks

Still havent had any luck I'm attaching a screen cap of how it doesn't connect, the little blue circle just spins indefinitely, also attaching a debug file, any help would be appreciated.

(107 KB)

Shutdown JMR and either reboot or check to see if you have a jbwdp.exe running.  If so kill it. 

Then restart JMR, turn on debug and try open the browser again.  If it still doesnt load then please send debug logs.

Hey Thank you for the reply, after a month I was getting worried.  I tried your instructions but I didn’t find “jbwdp.exe” running, the closest thing I could find was the app jmrp.exe so I shut that down too and restarted.  Still get the same problem, the DVR browser never connects to anything, the little blue circle is perpetual. I’ve attached the logs, any suggestions are appreciated.


its been a few months and im not sure if there's any other help lines available, I've looked for a tech support number but havent found any.  Given that I can't get this to work are there any good suggestions for a comparable recording software?  I don't mind paying for it or for tech support I just need to have a functional recording software.  Any advice is appreciated, Thanks

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