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YouTube downloading as .mpg instead of .mp4

It's been happening with some but not all monitored live streams today.  The .mpg streams, which are the same ones as I download every day in .mp4 without problems, seem to pause after a few minutes and it's not possible to stop/process them in the normal way, I have to tell Jaksta delete them, which takes quite a while to complete and any content is lost.

I have, incidentally, noticed that YT has been delaying processing of some uploads (short clips, totally standard), which may be unrelated but maybe it's another symptom of YT internal problems?

Any suggestions as to how to force .mp4?  Or how to deal with .mpg as a last resort?

Many thanks,


What do you have Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS settings set to?

 If you have it set to ffmpeg then it will download as raw or mpg depending on whether you have mpg download switched on.

You can convert mpg to mp4 using the built in converter.

Attached are my HLS settings - I've never changed them.

The .mpg download problem is something that happens out of the blue on rare occasions, and other streams downloading at the same time are not affected.

In order to use the built-in converter, at what stage would I have to tell JMR to convert a single file while ignoring others?

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