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YouTube Download of long Videos wont work

Hey, here is an example list of 5 Videos that are long and i cant download




Can you maybe try to see if you can successfully download one of those?


What happens is that when it downloads, it just never stops (after reaching 100% in size or duration it will just go on, after more than 1 hour i manually ended it (it said it has 2300% now) and the file just vanished as if it would never been tried to be downloaded.


Thanks in advance these are very beautiful videos to me.

So i let it go longer and it does end, but after waiting very long to download it just fails.

Any ideas why YT videos over 50 minutes or over 1.6 GB mostly have problems to be downloaded?


Still the case, says Downloading (Part 1/2)

and at Size Tab it counts indefinitely upwards (over 100%) and after hours not stopping

so are huge Videos not possible to download?

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