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reinstall not recording anything

the sun and daily mail for example



any help???????????

using chrome

Your logs just show a bunch of utorrent.com traffic.  Please provide the url of a video that is not working for you and its associated url.


fresh install this comes up and it say something about connected to firefox restart, but i dont use that

when i had it on auto in the past it would start automatically on most sites, now it does load on any 


are these the correct settings? never had any problems for the last 5 years


Please see this:


If that doesnt help you then please provide debug logs for this new error.

Hi it works with firefox, just not chrome on AUTO?

why does it work with firefox but not chrome?

ssl curently connected to firefox?

It does work with Chrome.  Please provide debug logs.  Ensure that debug is on before you switch on AUTO and go to the page hosting the video in chrome and play it.

just done another fresh install, now not working on either browser logs attached thanks


any idea?

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