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Long video downloaded in very short segments of 1.5MB or so and less than 10 seconds

I'm trying to download videos that are several hours long from NCAA.com, but all I get is a bunch of short downloads that are not even in order. I started with this video:


I don't see any other option to be able to download it. I'm on a Mac using Jaksta Media Recorder

Hi David,

Based on my testing it looks as if you are encountering a standard download failure, which is the result of Jaksta being incompatible with the streaming protocols that the site uses.

We might be able to develop a fix for it sometime in the future, but I cannot give an ETA on when that might be.



Jaksta Support

I am using the latest version of Google Chrome, which did not work. I switched to Safari and it worked one time to download a 3-hour video, but now it does the same thing, which is to create many small files. See screenshot below. I will try Firefox next.


I tried Firefox and it did not work at all. But then I tried Safari again with another URL and was able to download this video: 


The URL I could not download was this:


Here is the successful upload screenshot:


So, to summarize, Jaksta Media Recorder is working as advertised on some NCAA.com video pages, but not on others. However, it only works when using the Safari browser on MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra, but not using Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, after I quit Media Recorder, I have to restart Chrome to get my Internet connection back, but Safari and Firefox are fine. They are all very up to date browser versions. Could you possibly try and find out why these two pages download multiple small files instead of the normal download?



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