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Win10 Jaksta DVR v7.0.24.0 can now access Xfinity Stream but WILL NOT PLAY

By copying and pasting the whatismybrowser url into the "User Agent Override" in DVR Settings, I am now able to get past the "Your Browser Isn't Compatible With Xfinity Stream" screen in the Jaksta DVR.

But now I CANNOT PLAY any Xfinity Stream videos in the Jaksta DVR.  In the screenshot below, I can click on anything EXCEPT "Resume" or "Start Over" and it will work.  "Series Info", "Record Options", opening & closing details of recorded episodes ALL WORK.

The only two buttons that I CANNOT CLICK in Jaksta DVR are "RESUME" and "START OVER".  Those are the buttons needed to play a show (and therefore, record) and neither of them works via Jaksta DVR.

Is there another setting I need to adjust to get the Xfinity Stream player to work in Jaksta DVR when using the "User Agent Override"?  It's been over a week since I first started asking about this issue and haven't received any replies yet.


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Over the last week a bunch of DVR only sites have dropped support for Chrome 74, (which is the version we distribute to allow DVR recording to happen).  

This was the last version that allowed code injection.  New versions of Chrome don't allow the DVR code to be injected into them.

I am currently looking at a different way to do DVR. 

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