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Anyone else now unable to use Jaksta DVR with Netflix? (and Amazon Prime, and Xfinity Stream)

Xfinity Stream no longer works for me on Jaksta DVR.

Now Netflix is not working with Jaksta DVR (Win 10 v7.0.24.0 - latest)

I get this Netflix error screen that my browser (Jaksta DVR Browser) is no longer supported.

So I updated Chrome (91) and Edge (91) and tried using WhatIsMyBrowser.com and pasting the urls into the "User Agent Override" in Settings.

THEN when I try to watch Netflix in Jaksta DVR I get a Silverlight error.


Similar issue with Amazon Prime Video where I see a message that my browser is out of date and will not work with Prime Video after May 31.  It kept working until this week.

So in one week, all of the following stopped working with Jaksta DVR:

  • Netflix
  • Xfinity Stream
  • Amazon Prime Video
There may be others, but those are the one's I've noticed.  Jaksta DVR started failing on each of these on different days,

So as of right now, Jaskta is basically useless to me.



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Over the last week a bunch of DVR only sites have dropped support for Chrome 74, (which is the version we distribute to allow DVR recording to happen).  

This was the last version that allowed code injection.  New versions of Chrome don't allow the DVR code to be injected into them.

I am currently looking at a different way to do DVR. 

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