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Jaksta not recording


I encountered the problem when trying to record from Chaturbate site. Yesterday all was ok. Today (I guess my PC was updated at nite against my will) I can't record anything. I reinstalled Jakta but to no avail. I get this message URL is not supported. Please help!


Chaturbate works ok here.  Please provide debug logs if you are having issues.




Thank you very much for your answer!

I eventually came to the conclusion that the problem was caused by the intrusive self-reboot of Windows 10. I reinstalled Jaksta several times, but to no avail. On my other computer with Windows 7 everything works fine. Windows 10 broke something in the settings on its reboot, which now prevents the normal installation of Jaxta. Windows 10, rebooting, constantly breaks something in the settings. Before I managed to fix the problems myself, but this time I can't solve the problem with installing Jaxta. Help me please!



(2.91 MB)
(2.75 MB)
(2.04 MB)


I hope I was not forgotten. I have really big problems installing Jaksta. It’s practically dead for me.

(2.84 MB)
(2.39 MB)

Hallo again!

Since I didn’t get any answer from you I tried to explore the problem myself, and finally found the solution. I want to share it with you for your possible knowledge base. Win10 while updating itself activated the Manual proxy setup. I switched it off and everything works perfectly.

After many install/uninstall attempts I’m running out of valid passwords that you kindly sent me some time ago. Could you please send some new ones.

With many thanks for your program,


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