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Jaksta Music Recorder Mac - Audio Capture Quality is Poor

Have finally got round to trying out the music recorder on mac. OS Big Sur using audio capture mode. Deezer Lossless Hi Fidelity.

The program seems to work. It auto stops and starts recording, it auto looks up the metadata about 50% of the time and of that 50% it's correct about 75% of the time.

These are problems I could live with, but the quality of the captured WAV is poor.

I've recorded the same tracks for comparison using Audacity and the recording is perfect.

The quality of the WAV using Jaksta is like listening to a 128kbps mp3. And for conformation, I'm listening to the WAV files not the mp3 files. I'm not interested in the mp3.

There doesn't seem to be any settings that can be tweaked for the recording process using Audio Capture so I'm at a loss on what to do next??

Any help appreciated

Just to  add, I already had soundflower before installing jaksta and any recordings done with audacity were and still are perfect.

Having done some more tests, it seems like jaksta is not recording in stereo, there doesn't seem to be any separation in the sound stage.  IDK if this is linked to the muddy recording quality?

Hi Doozer,

We are actually planning on releasing a new build that will utilise a function called Blackhole, which will replace Soundflower. I would suggest sitting tight until that release, and then you can see if the recording quality improves at all.



Jaksta Support

Hi Liam,  That's fair enough but I use Soundflower as the audio source with Audacity and don't have any problems. I'm also coming up to the end of my 30 day cancellation period. So given that it doesn't work at the moment I would like a refund.

Will the same issues occur on my W10 laptop? I'm happy to have another 30 day cancellation for windows instead of a refund at this stage. Providing I can still get a refund on the windows version if it doesn't meet my needs.

Thanks Doozer

I can always go back and try the new mac version when its released.

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