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Odd Myfreecams Problem

Certain models--not all--are downloading as TS files and not MP4. Worse, these TS downloads invariably fail within a few minutes with this type of message: Failed to download http://video452.myfreecams.com:1935/NxServer/ngrp:mfc_111833061.f4v_mobile/chunklist_w817430435_b1528946.m3u8 (Could not open stream: Unable to open URL: http://video452.myfreecams.com:1935/NxServer/ngrp:mfc_111833061.f4v_mobile/chunklist_w817430435_b1528946.m3u8 (('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))))

Debug log attached.


Update: this problem occurs 100% of the time if FFMPEG is selected for HLS downloads. When the HLS downloader is selected, it occurs rarely as previously stated.

Looking at the debug logs, the HLS Downloader fails to download these particular models, and FFMPEG is used as a backup. So, maybe a bug in HLS Downloader?

Any luck solving this? The problem appears to be occurring more frequently now.

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