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Odd Myfreecams Problem

Certain models--not all--are downloading as TS files and not MP4. Worse, these TS downloads invariably fail within a few minutes with this type of message: Failed to download http://video452.myfreecams.com:1935/NxServer/ngrp:mfc_111833061.f4v_mobile/chunklist_w817430435_b1528946.m3u8 (Could not open stream: Unable to open URL: http://video452.myfreecams.com:1935/NxServer/ngrp:mfc_111833061.f4v_mobile/chunklist_w817430435_b1528946.m3u8 (('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))))

Debug log attached.


Looking at the debug logs, the HLS Downloader fails to download these particular models, and FFMPEG is used as a backup. So, maybe a bug in HLS Downloader?

Any luck solving this? The problem appears to be occurring more frequently now.

Update: this problem occurs 100% of the time if FFMPEG is selected for HLS downloads. When the HLS downloader is selected, it occurs rarely as previously stated.

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