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Dish Anywhere doesn't work

 I followed the guide https://www.jaksta.com/how-to-guides/Dishanywhere.com but it doesn't seem to work with the Media Recorder.  It says the browser is not supported.  I am using a trial to make sure this feature works before shelling out the money for the program.

 I set the user agent override to Chrome/91.0.4472.124 but the browser hands on "Loading Browser ..."

Also I never got an email when I tried to signup.  Tried two different email addresses and got nothing.  I checked my spam folder and it is empty.

Recently many DVR sites all changed to stop supporting the version of chrome we use for DVR.  Due to the way DVR hooks into the browser, its not a simple task simply upgrade the browser version.  I'm about a week away from releasing a beta.  

Thanks - I'll check back then if I am able to access the beta.

Has there been an update on this issue?  I keep checking back but haven't seen an update on the software.  Thanks!

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