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Myfreecams recording - resolution limited on 64-Bit Mac?

Hi there,

I'm running the latest 64-bit beta of JMR on a Mac Catalina.

With the previous version running on a Mac Mojave, I had no problem recording MFC streams in 720p.

Now there seems to be a mitigation to 360p or so which looks kind of blurry, as you may understand.

Is there anything I can do about it? 

Change default settings to ...., maybe?

Thanks & best regards


Sorry, there  is a typo in my question 

Didn’t mean mitigation, but limitation of course.


Hi Markus,

Please try the following:

  1. Open JMR
  2. Go to: Preferences > Downloads
  3. Turn the 'Best available quality' setting ON

This should force Jaksta to capture the best quality stream being offered. Give that a try and if you can only get the 360p then it's likely because that's all Jaksta can grab from the stream.



Jaksta Support

Hi Liam,

You made my day! Just tested and it works fine.

Thanks for your quick response and your help!!!

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