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Chaturbate no Monitor??

Hello, i hope for an fast answer: Is it possible to monitor Chaturbate Streams?

I know i had some difficult questions without answer, thats ok but please help me here - my pc crashed badly (but i closed JMR seconds before the crash), after reopening JMR it said that settings will be at default or i can try to manually repair JMR - i clicked default. Since then CB monitor doesnt work...

is it on my end?

this is what debug gave, hope you can see something



these 2 were running live but it said invalid URL and monitor didnt catch those


So i reinstalled with library delete and nothing works still, is this only on my end or does it not work anymore?

Your logs are saying another app is interfering with the extractor as one of its files is corrupt: C:/Users/Ramon/AppData/Roaming/youtube-dl/netscape-cookies-YT-raeledan.txt

Try deleting that file.

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Thank you very much, dont know how this happened or why it causes a problem but without your help i would not have found out!! Solved the problem - thanks :) 

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