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Bought Jaksta Media Recorder randomly starting with trial mode

Started up JMR7 today and it went straight into trial mode asking for my activation code. It's already bought and paid for but the activation code I have was rejected.

Rebooted PC and tried again. This time went straight into program no problems.

This happened a year ago and eventually it locked me out after a few times.

I'm just pointing this out for the Tech guys that it might become a problem, seeing as activation happens every time at their end.

The program does verify the license is still valid by checking online every now and then, but not all the time.  If this verification fails for some reason then it will put you into trial mode.  It will check the actual license key each time to make sure there is one there and its is a valid license key.  If this check fails then it will put you into trial mode.

If you have been put into trial mode unexpectedly and cant get out of it then switching on debug at start and providing the debug logs can tell me what is happening and why.

You can also get your license key at anytime by going to Support > Lookup Keys on jaksta.com or contacting Billing Support.

I understand that, but this is what happened to me before and it just shut me out eventually and would not let me reactivate without your intervention.

If I am the only one it has happened to then it is bad luck I guess.

Just followed your instructions and this is what I got:

Lost Activation Key

  • Unable to find any activation keys for this email.

Click the contact billing support link and tell them your details and they will look you up and get your key for you.

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