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Jaksta Media Recorder 7 - Not Responding Issue

Im having this issue almost everytime im using Jaksta. When I try to access the program window it displays as Not Responding. In task manager its not necessairly not responding but the program window itself cant be accessed and I cant add any new entries. I have monitor running which I do everytime I use Jaksta and I use jaksta pretty much all the time. My laptop specs are really quite good so I dont think this is the cause, but I dont know. Id really like to know how to stop these issues and have jaksta running smooth without issues.

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ok so no reply i guess. i really dont understand whats going on. even very often media recorder will just dissapear from windows taskbar, like no shutdown or freezing, it will be open then just dissapears. and so often its like the program just stops updating whats going on with the files, as to if theyre tagging or muxing or who knows what. its a mystery..... it just stops updating the progress of whats going on with each file, its its not one thing tis something else.

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