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JMR - Some problems lately

JMR Problems


Hello, lately i have had 3 special problems with JMR that seem pretty niche.

Maybe you want to know and fix them anyways if possible so here they are


1. JMR 7 window sometimes wont adjust its size lower than a given minimum – so i cant make the JMR 7 window as small as i want it to be.


2. Sometimes JMR queues EVERYTHING instead of finishing the mux process. it will never stop showing queued in Status [this is the 1st debug log] - and these are only few videos a few seconds long.


3. JMR really downloaded some .exe file in the folder ? there is a small chance i somehow brought the .exe into my JMR download folder but anyways if you think this could be possible but shouldn’t occur i bring logs [this is the 2nd debug log]



(56 Bytes)

adding: the queue problem keeps happening to me , since i posted here it didnt stop, had multiple device restarts. it seems very broken for now :(

another queue debugs

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