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Support no answers?

Hello, thanks for your work, nearly everyone here appreciates it alot!

Also its ok when you dont have time to look through problems and answer here because you do this all on your own.

But your last reply is nearly 2 months ago ... that seems scary because if i understood right you also do all the programming and whatever.

So I hope you are doing allright and suggest you make a pinned comment in the JMR section like "Support availability status" where only you can post and people can see if you are in holiday or are not able to provide support for a certain time frame.

This would help communication alot and reduce anger of some costumers feeling ignored.

Hope to see you again around here. 


Im still here - just trying to solve the DVR issue.

Ok good :)

But still think it is a good suggestion you can consider because I imagine silent readers that view through latest threads and see there is no more answering can get worried or thinks it's discontinued


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