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Please provide a sample configuration for iHeart/TuneIn recording

 I am trying to record KARN from Little Rock. 

From a browser I can play it from iHeart: https://www.iheart.com/live/fm-1029-5384/

The embedded widget is: <iframe allow="autoplay" width="100%" height="200" src="https://www.iheart.com/live/fm-1029-5384/?embed=true" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Or from TuneIn: https://tunein.com/radio/1029-KARN-News-Radio-s36053/

If you can provide me an example of a correct config, I think that would go a long way for a lot of people having a similar problem.

ps.  It looks like the app is getting to the site, but the "autoplay" is not being triggered.

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Please provide a response.

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