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How to change stream language


I would like to download videos from gaia.com. But Jaksta Media Recorder 7 downloads or rather captures only the English stream (see scrennshot). There are four different languages available. I would like to download the German stream. How can I do that? How can I select another language?
Can I record exactly the stream that I'm watching in my browser?

If this works I'll buy a Jaksta Media Recorder licence.

Thank you. Regards


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when I try to turn AUTO mode on I get the message in attached screenshot "SS001.png". When I click OK I get the message in "SS002.png".

I tried to disable "Secure Boot", but it's not possible. The option is grayed out in the UEFI-settings. I only can set from "Secure Boot"-options from "Windows" to "Other OS", which I have done.

After booting and trying to set AUTO mode on I get the same messages. I can only download the stream from a pasted URL, but - as I said before - I cannot choose the language of the stream or rather the app doesn't capture the same stream as played in the browser.

The DVR mode aborts at start with the message "Unable to find a speaker" as you can see in screenshot "SS004.png".

I've also attached the logs and sysinfo.

Thank you for any help. Regards


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somehow the AUTO mode started working. That's why I bought a licence.
Then it stopped working. I got it working again by turning debug mode on. This way I could download the stream in the desired language. But it's very complicated and it downloads video and audio separately as two (large) .mpg files. And when I put them together with ffmpeg the audio is not synchron.

That's why I decided to try further the DVR method and got it working, too. But now I have a voice in the audio that sais "trial version" every 10 - 15 seconds. As I told the app is not a trial version. How can I remove the voice in the audio recordings?

I've attached logs.

Thank you.





After deinstalling the app with option "delete existing settings and libraries" and reinstalling it with same option DVR now works without the voice. I hope it stays in this state.

I can record the videos in the desired language, but the quality is not as fine as the downloaded streams.

I would like to:

1. Find out how I can download the stream in the desired language. Because this is the best option - has the best quality and file size! And it works with the English streams.

2. Find out why I get the HTTPS/SSL error when trying to turn AUTO mode on and solve this. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Thanks in advance. Regards.


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