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JMR Crashes

For the past few days, whenever I attempt to use JMR, more specifically enter in an URL, JMR will pop-up a "blank.html" window, and after about 3 seconds, the Window and JMR will both close.

Attachment included

(2.61 MB)

Please delete C:\Users\Conns293\AppData\Local\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\JakstaDVRvd.22000.generated.dll and restart JMR and see if that fixes it.

I tried that, and still no luck. Additionally, I've gone as far as Uninstalled my Anti Virus, and re-installed JMR, and still get the same issue. Nothing on my end has changed internally, to cause JMR to not work.
It's been a week, and no update to this issue. Should there be a resolution sooner than later?

JMR is crashing attempting to create a virtual desktop to do DVR recording.

You may have windows update issues.  Please ensure all windows updates have been applied correctly.

Everything looks fine on my end.
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