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cant download from CB

Jaksta was mostly working until today whenever i try to download a CB stream it shows URL not supported

i had not changed anything at all within Jaksta

xhamsterlive.com works fine

but for some reason almost 98% of the time when trying to download a stream from chaturbate it shows as URL not supported which is strange thats its doing this nealry constantly

i have reinstalled jaksta but this hasnt fixed the issue

any ideas whats going on?

todays log is attached


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Your logs have this in them

Chaturbate: Failed to download m3u8 information: Remote end closed connection without response

Looks like you are getting throttled or perhaps chaturbate was having issues.

I have no probs downloading chaturbate from here at the moment.

thanks for the info. i checked with another laptop and it was working so it was abit strange, but now its working fine from cb so seems like a temporary issue.

ive noticed that the issues i was having before seems to be related form what i can gather to do with some hdds. it seems some hdds possibly which have bad sectors would cause the program to stall and freeze quite often, but changing the save location to a different location would seem to help alot with this

another thing i have noticed is that muxiing and cancelling takes a very long time, like hours and hours and hours, even if the amount of files or streams is like 10 or so. is there a difference between muxing and manually cancelling? sometimes i may need to restart my pc but if i dont want to lose files and make sure they save, then i will need to wait a very long time to be able to do this. i have fast muxing option or similar selected in the options but still i does take a  very long time.

im abit unsure if files are saved at the end of the day, until i can acually try to open the file, sometimes they show as queud, sometimes tagging, sometimes cancelling or completed of course. but i have had times where it doesnt seem to update either whther the files are saved it seems like it just stops to update on the program. is there anyway to try to speed this process up abit? because it does take a really long time to save the streams.

Actually this issue with Jaksta not responding keeps occuring, brand new hdd and nearly everytime i run the monitor when i come back to jaksta its not responding, i really dont understand why it keeps happening. can i import an empty file or something and try with a smaller list of monitor entries? and have my current one backed up incase? its just very frustrating to not be able to use the monitor and not know going on with it and the only way seemingly to stop it not responding is to end the task via task manager. i cant even turn off the monitor because the whole program is not acccessible. i really wish there was a way to stop this happening as it has been a problem for a very long time now

Muxing is (can be) an intensive process depending on what the codecs and container is.

1.  Split recordings into something manageable.   Say split every hour and see how that goes.

2.  Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Mux and try with Fast Start Mux as off.  The tool tip explains what that does.

You can backup your monitors using the import export buttons on the monitor screen.  monitors are stored in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Monitors.  So you can copy that folder and the files in it.

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