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URL not supported


I seem to have the old problem again. Jaksta stopped recording overnite. I get the message URL not supported which I had previously many times. I completely un-and-re-installed the program. The problem still there. I checked the Mozilla proxy settings, where my previous problem was rooted, but this time is seems all correct. The circle No proxy is checked.

Please help!!


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I think I've isolated the problem: it's only the Chaturbate that doesn't record. Maybe they suddenly changed their settings??  I tried YouTube and VK, and both work very well.


I get the same with CB, I suspect it's the SSL negotiation that fails. Sever SHANEL event entries in system logs recorded at regular intervals.  There is a default to strong SSL negotiation in Windows (especially with .NET components), if TLS 1.1 is negotiated this will get failed by the system.  Please check that at least TLS 1.2 is negotiatied.  I suspect this is causing this issue.

Kind regards


I simply can’t believe it!!! When I was performing the debug trick Jaksta started functioning normally!!

I tried several times before, and it didn’t work. It’s almost a miracle!


Thank you very much for your usual prompt repose and care!

Jalsta rules!!




Maybe it’s because the debug button is activated???

What do you think???




I think CB have either had issues, or they might have started throttling people as the following is in debug logs from @Danzer 

" Failed to download m3u8 information: Remote end closed connection without response "

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Maybe it’s because the debug button is activated???

What do you think???

No that wont be affecting it.

Thank you!!!!


Hi guys seem to have found a way to make the constant URL not supported issue a bit better: Increase the RTMP initial buffer time up i.e. 20 seconds.  I'm convinced it CV responding slowly on some streams.  Hopes this helps.

It's time for an upgrade Mikhail, Jaksta fails on pretty much every URL on CM now and my monitors keeps disappearing.  Please fix it.

47 new corrupted monitors on a server with no uncontrolled shutdowns.  Please man fix your program.

Usually happens to me when CB rate limits your ip. This will cause a captcha to show. If I change ip's, the problem goes away immediately. 

This makes no sense Joseph, how can CB corrupt your monitors?

MyFreeCams is now getting the "URL Not Supported" error. Debug log attached.

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