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CB Download inconsistent

Think someone had this problem mentioned, but anyway: The problem with Chaturbate (i only tested on CB) is for my since i started few hours ago:

The stream is not always downloaded (i mean i try to Monitor it says no stream detected, i do this 5 times and finally it starts the download). But the stream was online all the time, idk what this could have to do with.

Made debug where i tried to monitor and download the stream of dulecyjohn while the stream was online at all times.


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Proble is still standing. a monitor that just worked and cam still online (free public) wont be recognized by the monitor function and also url download will not work, nothing to do against it?


after manuel cancel no monitor can be picked up for maybe 20 tries then it would work again? sometimes manual cancels are needed in order to change some setting or windows path whatever. its actually better to close the app and start it again instead of trying to let the monitor feature reconnect....

Your logs show this:  ExtractionEngineDownloader: ERROR: [Chaturbate] barbara723: Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests

This was mentioned to you on another thread.  CB is throttling you.  You will need to reduce the number of monitors and/or increase the check interval as it looks like you are checking every 15 seconds.  Can sort of understand why they have decided to block you when you are thumping them like that.   

Ok, i checked all my threads for answers, dont know what other one you mean. 

But actually i went down alot from previous monitors so its strange that they decide to throttle after i reduced, didn't had this JMR problems before. The 15 second check also was only BECAUSE it did not bring the stream through while i produced these logs so i dont have to start 20 checks manually until it works.

So is the throttle permanent on my IP-Address? I didn't even know that they can respond with a throttle or so.

But also it normally works fine, just when i cancel a stream and pick it up a bit later and will not work, that seems different than a "block for me" ?

This isn't a problem with JMR at all.  

As I mentioned in your logs, CB is responding with a 429 error and thus you have been throttled by them.  

What rules they are employing to descide you are throttled is up to them.

Play nice and check every couple of minutes, depending on how many you want to monitor, until you find a sweet spot where they stop throttling.

I'm going to argue both sides of this coin ...

@Ramon, are you using 2022 Beta or JMR7?  I had never seen / noticed this before on JMR7 but now on 2022 Beta I do see it.  So, MAYBE it's a 2022 Beta issue.

That said, CB have been getting more aggressive with their security and access controls, so it's quite possible that it's completely unrelated to JMR and just has to do with stricter access rules at CB that didn't exist before.  I do think that CB access rules factor into what we're seeing.

AND, I also wonder if perhaps JMR is not generating a proper / complete response that is triggering something at CB.  Say that CB NOW restrict browsers that don't give full / proper user agent identification or some token or cookie or something;  they impose a stricter ruleset for those "misbehaving" user agents compared to those that do provide this information correctly.  The reason why I suspect this is because AT THE SAME TIME that I get 429 errors on JMR on the same machine from a browser I can watch the stream w/o any issues.  Therefore, CB is definitely NOT throttling my IP;  CB are throttling my user agent.  So, maybe there is some truth to a possible JMR issue.

AND, again, maybe it's just that CB are actually behaving very properly / correctly.  They are properly identifying that on my machine I have a user agent that is overly aggressive.  Instead of throttling the IP they throttle the aggressive user agent, which would be totally legit / reasonable and a very good / fair implementation of this access control.

Like I said, I can argue both sides of this coin.  In my opinion - and it's just an opinion - I think it's just CB properly identifying aggressive user agents, which it didn't use to do before.  The timing of it just happened to coincide with 2022 Beta, but that's just purely coincidental.

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Hey, thanks for the additional info, you know more than me.

it is/was JMR7 since i had no time for beta setup tests or so.

Also yes the monitor can say nothing detected but in browser it can be seen. But i often get hCaptcha on CB within Browser. Also a workaround is starting JMR7 new, because then the Monitors kind of refreshes, maybe thats a new user agent? not so familiar with the tech background still.

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