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Media Recorder with MacOS Monterey

Update to Monterey 12.0.1 when trying to capture youtube video, it will not automatically start capturing the video when the youtube file starts up. I have to copy the location and paste into jackets media recorder window. Is there a setting I changed or is this something that will be fixed with an update?

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Hi Bob, 

We are aware of this issue and are investigating. Are you able to tell us if you are using an M1 Mac or not?

We have a new beta available, but so far it does not resolve the broken connection issues in Safari. It should however help minimise issues when running Jaksta with Chrome of Firefox.

You can download the beta here: https://download.shedworx.com/jaksta/beta/3.0.0_316/JakstaMediaRecorder.pkg

When you first attempt to run the installer you will receive a Mac OS notification saying that it can't be opened because it cannot be checked for malicious software. Click 'OK' and then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and click on 'Open Anyway' down the bottom. It will either run the installer or another similar notification as the first will appear and you just need to click 'Open' and then the installer will run.

Please let me know how you go.



Jaksta Support

Thank you for the quick response. I have a 2015 27" iMac 3.3 ghz quad core I5 running Monterey 12.0.1.  I I have also notices that the download times are extremely long example the short jaksta video you have on your website which is 55 secs takes almost 11/2minute a 30 minute video on youtube was taking 2 to 2.5 hours.

I have downloaded Jaksta media recorder v3. On firefox, the capture doesn't start? 

When I use Safari browser states "the connection is not private" and can't connect to the website.

in the keychain, I have the applian.com Trust set to "always"

I am having the same problem since I downloaded Mac's Monterey 12.0.1. If Jaksta Media Recorder is open, I get a a message that states, "The Connection is Not Private", and I cannot connect to any Internet sites. Is there a patch for this?

not a patch but how to fix your internet connection. Go to System preference>network click on the lock and unlock to make changes. Then click on advanced button  lower right hand corner. Click on proxies click off any proxy settings click ok and save your internet connection should be up and running

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