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MyFreeCams URL is Not Supported

 Hi. I tried to use JMR to record on MFC today but I get the error "Url is not supported. Please try the AUTO or the Digital Video Recorder capture methods."

I haven't touched any settings, no idea why it doesn't work now. I tried reinstalled but no luck. Not much to see in the logs but I attached them regardless.


MFC has recently changed.  Looking to see if the changes can be supported.

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Support for recent changes to MFC is available in the latest extraction engine update


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Latest extraction engine update supports recent changes.  Restart JMR to get the latest update.

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Same as you! Also Monitors stopped working on MFC. Help!

This seems to be happening again, only started today, maybe yesterday. Exact same issue. It happens both before and after upgrading to the latest version.

Ah, thank you, it seems to work fine now.

Fantastic! Thanks for the quick fix!

See the following for details on new beta release with improved monitoring


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