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Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 Release

Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 has now been released

1.  New DVR functionality for recording from premium sites such as Netflix.

2.  New Digital audio recording functionality.  

3.  Improved Monitoring features


JMR 7 used the Google Chrome browser.  This stopped working a few months back for alot of premium sites when they started to block the version from chrome we used.

JMR 2022 uses the Vivaldi browser.  Use it in the same was as you did previously.  Open the DVR browser and navigate to the site and video you want to record and once playing click the red record button to start recording.

DVR functionality is only available on Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

New Digital Audio Recording Method

JMR 7 used the Application audio recording method by default.  This uses a process called injection to attach to an application to capture its audio. Many web browsers now reject dll injection.  Injection also requires your computer to have secure boot switched off in your computers BIOS.  

The new Digital audio recording method is now selected by default.  It doesn't have any of the cfg issues described above.  

The Application method has been removed.

Improved Monitoring

1.  Monitors are now stored in a single database, replacing the flat file format used in JMR 7.  This should improve performance for those with a large numbers of monitors.

2.  You can now export and import monitors to/from Microsoft Excel format.  This should make batch editing monitors much easier.  

3.  You can now select and delete more than one monitor at a time.

4.  You can now configure a monitor to only check on certain days and between certain times.  See the new Schedule tab on the monitor.

5.  You can import your existing JMR 7 monitors, by exporting them from JMR 7 and then importing them in JMR 2022.  Change the File Type to "Old Export Files (*.dat)" in the import file dialog to see your JMR7 export file and import it.

Everything else works the same and hasn't changed from JMR7.  

JMR 7 and JMR 2022 can co exist on the same computer - there is no need to uninstall JMR 7.

Existing license holders -  your existing license will be imported from JMR7 in the background on the first run.

The latest beta has been tested with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The latest JMR 2022  can be downloaded from:  https://jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-media-recorder




Latest JMR Beta 2022.0.12.0:


1. Fix importing of monitors


Update to my comments about Netflix being locked at 4:3.  

I went in the DVR Settings.  "Request Best Output Size" was enabled.  I hovered over the link.  The hint showed, "Request output size for your computer... widith 800...height 450."

I changed the Request Output Width=1430 and Request Output Height=600. after running several I was able to achieve the result I wanted.  

I should be noted.  I was able to leave "Request Best Output Size" enable for Disney+, Amazon, and NBC. 

I would recommend adding a function to the Netflix Settings that will force 1430x600.

Thanks for the response about the Output Size.  I seemed to have stumbled into it on my own.  Oddly enough I do not have to do that with Disney+ or Amazon.  Why do oyu think that would be the case?

Thanks again.  I'm really loving the updates.  Just applied your latest.  Going to test it now.


Different sites just respond in different ways when the output size is requested.  

If you had the default on which for your computer is 800x450 then the max size Disney and Amazon could be recorded at would have been that.  Are you saying you got a larger resolution?  If so then please provide debug logs showing that so I can have a look.

For performance reasons the default will always be 1/4 of the screen size.  Defaulting to 1430x600 would put undue pressure on most computers.

Sorry, I missed your last message.  Actually I'm saying that Netflix is showing small than the videos captured from Disney+.  I have added the adjustments and they appear to be working for Netflix.  However, I have never had to do this in previous iterations of the application.

Also, there is an error when recording amazon that says the browser is out of date and will not work past Dec 6th.

Thanks for everything you are doing.  I really like the updates.

On Amazon, it starts playing the video.. I click the record button, and it just closes. The main window says "No player found to DVR. Ensure video is playing in browser before clicking record."

Of course, I am making sure it's playing when I hit the record button. :) I just wanted to let you know--would you like debug logs?


When I try to record an Instagram Live stream using the AUTO function, it works fine. When I try to create a monitor for an Instagram Live stream, it doesnt record.

@Glenn - amazon DVR's fine here.  Please start a new thread and provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

Latest JMR Beta 2022.0.15.0:


1. UI performance improvements for large #'s of monitors and downloads in progress

2. New 2022 User Manual

3. Inprogress sorting





JMR 2022 has now been released and the beta is now superseded.  Download latest from here https://jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-media-recorder